Day: November 15, 2017

Advantages of eyebrow tattoosAdvantages of eyebrow tattoos

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Eyebrow tattooing is becoming a trending beauty practice. At first, people were skeptical about the procedure because it seemed so strange and the safety of the practice had not been determined. Before getting the eyebrows tattooed, individuals may question themselves about the benefits that come from it. We compiled the list below;

Pros to eyebrows tattoos

Long lasting results eyebrows tattoos

There are many procedures that beauticians at Blissful Brows and Lashes – Los AngelesĀ use to give the eyebrows a perfect look. Modern techniques like invasive eyebrow transplants are used, but despite their costs, none can match up to the long lasting results of tattoos. The tattoos give the eyebrows a beautiful full look, and the results are visible for a long time.

Easy and hassle free

The most obvious benefit to a permanent cosmetic tattoo is the fact that they will not smear or wash off like makeup. One treatment lasts less than an hour, and after that, individuals do not need to worry about their daily routine of daily application and removal of makeup. The tattoos will fade over time, and they may require a touch-up procedure, but that will happen after a year or more.


Although this art has gained popularity recently, it has been there for a long time. Therefore, institutions have been created to enforce health and safety standards. Their aim is to ensure that the environment in which the procedure is being conducted is healthy and risk-free. Moreover, they have ensured that home-based tattoo eyebrows kits have been developed and that customers can have easy access to them. Individuals are therefore advised to do the cosmetic procedure at certified permanent cosmetic professional institutions so as to not risk their health.

Results are immediate

woman with eyebrows tattoos
Unlike other cosmetic procedures, tattooing of eyebrows does not require an extensive recovery period. The process does not cause swelling or any other complications. In fact, patients can go back to work on the same day of the procedure if they feel like it. However, after the procedure, individuals are advised not to put on makeup around that area for a day or two.


When the procedure is done correctly and professionally, the tattoo eyebrows will bring great color, shape, and intensity to the individuals face. The great results will give an individual a sense of renewed confidence. Studies show that people who are confident in their looks are happier. Elevated moods make people feel healthy.…