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How to Live Comfortably With a Savannah Cat – FactsHow to Live Comfortably With a Savannah Cat – Facts

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Owning a pet is nearly every person’s dream especially for those who are fond of animals like dogs, cats, and monkeys. With cats being some of the most popular pets in homes, there are several breeds of cats that can be kept at home. The Savannah Cat or the “domesticated wild cat” as it is commonly known is a hybrid crossbreed of a tabby cat (domestic cat) and an African Serval. This is why the cat has a characteristic gorgeous “wild’ look, yet they are domestic. Whether you are a first-time pet owner or have had pets before, here are some of the things you should know about living with this “wild’ cat.

Duration of growth

Savannah breed cats take about three full years to grow from the kitten stage to the full-grown cat stage. In the first two years of their growth, the cats develop their bodies while in the third year, their muscles form and develop. However, there are cases where the cats take even four years to attain full growth particularly in areas that are mostly cold throughout the year.


The weight of these cats depends on their sizes, but they are double the size of normal house cats. Most of these cats weigh about 25lbs when fully growth. It is worth noting that even though there are cats that get bigger than that, Savannah breeds are rarely overweight. Their weight and muscle are proportionate to their body sizes and as such, there is no excess gut in them. These cats appear to be unusually large but are slinky such that they can easily fit in places that are seemingly smaller than their sizes.

How strong are the cats?

Savannah breeds are unbelievably stronger than most normal house cats. Thcats 2eir energy is somewhat like that of hyper dogs and has unique abilities like climbing/down tall structures, running around the house, and stretching their bodies from one end to the other at a pace four times faster than ordinary cats. These cats can jump over excessively tall structures for them. For instance, a one-year-old Savannah breed can jump over a 6-foot structure effortlessly. In addition to this, the cats make more noise than most typical cats. If agitated, the cats can be overly noisy and equally irritating to the ear.

Keeping a Savannah cat at home is not only exciting but also fulfilling to most pet enthusiasts. These cats get along well with other cat breeds and even dogs. Therefore, it is much better to keep Savannahs together with other cats to help them burn their excessive energy by playing with them.…