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Construction Accident ClaimsConstruction Accident Claims

construction workerConstruction jobs can be very lucrative. But the number of risks associated with construction jobs are vast. While construction workers put on their safety gear before setting out to work, most of them are wary of the fact that accidents are the order of the day. And despite their adherence to workplace safety regulations, construction jobs remain claim top spot as far as the occurrence of accidents is concerned.

It is no wonder that construction accident cases are quite common. While most of the accidents recorded lead to minor injuries, some employees are injured so severely that they are forced out of employment. That said, here are some of the most common construction accident claims recorded in legal circles.

Workers Compensation Claims

Well, while accidents happen at the construction site, then it is evident that these case should be filed through the worker’s compensation system. To receive benefits under workers compensation, the injured person bears the responsibility of proving that the injury occurred during their official working hours. The benefits attached to workers compensation claims, however, do not often cater for lost income or wages.  

Personal Injury Cases

These claims are often brought out the worker’s compensation system. Personal injury claims apply when the injuries suffered were caused by a negligent third party. This could be a contractor managing the project or a vendor offering a service on the site. workplace safety hazard

Product Liability Claims

There are incidences when a faulty tool or utility injures an employee. When this happens, the blames often falls squarely on the manufacturer or a party in the chain of distribution. Product liability claims are equally complex, considering that need to be well versed with both the technical and legal dimensions of the case.

Wrongful Death Cases

Some accidents at the construction site end up claiming lives. As much as they might not be severe, someone has to be held responsible for the loss, especially when there was an element of negligence from a third party. In this case, the victim’s family or dependents are responsible for pursuing compensation on that person’s behalf.